Introduction to Rose R&D Institute


Shandong Fanglei Rose Group Pingyin County Aromatic Rose Research Institute was established in December 2017. It is an industry-based comprehensive scientific research institution established for the development of the Chinese rose industry and the grand goal of creating a healthy and aromatic industry and long-term strategic planning. The only domestic private rose research institute in China. At present, the institute has offices, research and development centers, testing centers, academic exchange centers, training centers, and expert advisory committees. The research institute will integrate the national rose aroma technology resources and provide enterprises with services such as analysis, testing, research and development of rose aroma products. At present, it has established cooperative relations with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Qilu University of Technology, Jinan Medical University, Pingyin County Bureau of Agriculture and other famous universities and research institutes. R&D directions include: natural flavors and fragrances, natural essential oils, perfume design, cosmetic formula design, natural product research, extraction of active ingredients from plants, development of care products, and development of health foods.


Ren Guixing       PhD Advisor, Crop Research Center, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Xue Peng      PhD student, Weifang Medical University

Lu Jiaping      Institute of Agricultural Products Processing, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Hou Zhaohua      Ph.D. student, Qilu University of Technology

Zhang Jianguo      Director, Jinan Silkworm Research Institute

Meng Lingwei      Professor of Jinan Medical University

Meng Xianshui      Deputy Director of Rose Research Institute

Li Qingbao      Senior Agronomist, Agriculture Bureau, Pingyin County


1. To organize the academic colleagues of the National Rose Industry to carry out technical and academic exchanges;

2. To carry out research on rose deep-processing applications such as the extraction and application of special components of rose essential oil; technical applications of rose ultrafine powder and its extracts; research and application of anthocyanins, flavonoids, rose polyphenols, etc.; development and application of rose raw sauce; The technical application of rose puree wine; research and application of Rose Hydrosol, rose cell fluid composition;

3. Undertake county-level scientific research projects;

4. Initiation and publication of the journal Pingyin Double Red Rose Research Forum;

5. Talent technical exchange training;

6. Rose cultivation techniques and breeding of new varieties.


Patent No. Patent   Name Patentee Application Time
2016.21024834.7 A device for drying roses at low   temperature Qingcai   Wang; Jinjing Ren; Dongfeng Chen 2016.8.31
201610783085.4 A device for drying roses   at low temperature Qingcai   Wang; Jinjing Ren 2010.8.31
201710702970.x A kind of medicinal   liquor for improving and treating dysfunction and preparation method thereof Zhaohua   Hou; Jinjing Ren; Qingcai Wang 2017.8.16
2017211843109 A device for drying roses Qingcai   Wang; Endian Li; Bin Meng Utility   Model
2017108335134 A   device for drying roses Qingcai Wang; Endian Li; Bin   Meng 2017.9.6



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